Six iconic waterfalls on the Panorama Route in South Africa

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Located at the northern part of the Drakensberg in Mpumalanga, the Blyde River Canyon, ‘happy river’, as the Dutch name indicates, is one of the largest canyons on earth and arguably the biggest green canyon.  The canyon is part of the Panorama Route which starts at Graskop and includes a number of viewpoints and waterfalls.

Lisbon Falls in Sabie

Lisbon Falls
A spectacular 95m treble cascade that tumbles into the dark green pools far below. Gold was discovered around Lisbon falls, then known as Waterfall Creek. In March 1874, 63 diggers were at work but only 20-30 were said to be making anything.

Berlin Falls on Panorama Route

Berlin Falls
This 45m high waterfall was after the farm on which it is situated. They originated as a result of differential weathering resistance of the local rocks.

Mac Mac Falls on Panorama Route

Mac-Mac Falls
On 18 February 1993, the Mac-Mac Falls were declared a National Monument. Cement pathways and stone steps with safety railing have been added to gain access to the best viewpoints from where one can see the two uninterrupted cascades plunging into the twisting river 65m below. The Mac-Mac diggers were responsible for rearranging the face of the earth a little, by changing the single waterfall in the double waterfall as we see it today.

Sabie Falls on Panorama Route

Sabie River Gorge and Falls
Situated under the Sabie bridge which was built on the curve to blend in with the natural attraction of the gorge. From the falls there is a short walk through the Williams Memorial gardens to spectacular view points overlooking the gorge down which the Sabie River plunges 73m.

Bridal Veil Falls on Panorama Route

Bridal Veil Falls
Take the old Lydenburg road for approximately 3km and then turn right onto the forestry road at the sawmill, one of the biggest in the southern hemisphere! Follow the well-signposted gravel road to the car park. Even though the track to the falls is well marked by a shoeprint, it winds through thick vegetation and can be strenuous. A bit of advice is to wear hiking shoes. Once you arrive at the Bridal Veil Falls you will be awe-struck seeing, smelling and listening to water plunging 70m to the centre of an amphitheatre at the head of the valley. Note: toilet facilities are available at the parking area.

Horseshoe Falls on Panorama Route

Horseshoe Falls
These cascade type waterfalls, which has been declared a National Monument, form a perfect horseshoe when the river is in flood. It can be found 4km on a signposted gravel road off the Old Lydenburg Road. This is also the site of one of the first sawmills in Sabie.

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